Agile and lean.

Agile coaching.

We embed with software development teams to increase agility and accelerate the rate at which they deliver working software to users. By breaking traditional waterfall projects into smaller components, customers capture value sooner and developers assume less risk when releasing software.

We facilitate agile ceremonies and train teams. We connect development teams to their users. In combination with more frequent releases, we enable development teams capture equally frequent feedback and respond more quickly.

  • Scrum teams
  • Kanban teams
  • CI/CD tech stacks
  • Legacy tech stacks

Agile transformation.

Agile is about more than ceremonies and tools. It requires new roles, organizational structures, and team composition. Teams need to change how they work. Leaders need to develop new skills and a new understanding of what it means to be a leader. At its core, and agile transformation is about changing the organizational culture.

We transform organizational culture. We increase honesty and openness, institute feedback loops, and create a learning environment that promotes learning without fear. We build trust and develop skills in executives, leaders, and individual contributors.

Value stream mapping.

We facilitate value steam mapping workshops to speed up the delivery of value to the customer, increase quality, and ease pain experienced by the people who do the work. We help companies find and eliminate waste and help them root cause problem solve discovered opportunities.